Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gentlemen of the Road Tour: Mumford, Music and Vegan Beer

Well, that was fun.

Did you go? It was awesome. A plethora of people and music and sunshine and fireworks and people and more people and dancing. The Eastern Prom in Portland, Maine was a perfect place for the kick-off of the Gentlemen of the Road tour. The bands were fantastic and I actually walked away with a list of “must look-up on iTunes” immediately.

I have to admit that there was one thing I was a little disappointed in. One thing that makes music festivals awesome. I’m not going to subject you to a diatribe of pro-vegan animal rights stop-serving-hamburgers-at-concerts bull crap because, let’s face it, that’s never going to happen. The masses like their hamburgers. I’m also not going to complain about the lines or the fact that the blanket room was minimal at best… those are but minor mishaps. I’m happy we got an outside concert in Portland, Maine and that it was Mumford.

Let’s consider something more important. Something some might consider a close number two after the music… the beer.

I think the real question is: How do you put on a hipster concert in the middle of Portland, Maine without considering vegan brew?

(Don’t think it was hipster concert --- did you see the PASSPORT you were carrying in as your ticket or ANY of the vintage signage a’happening? How about knitted shirt/dresses with bright accented sunglasses – and of course the skinny jeans. Totes hipster concert.)

Passport into Mumford and friends musicland.
Hipsters like vegan beer too.

Shipyard and Gritty’s are not vegan, which were the only beer options. Don’t believe me? Barnivore says so. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if you could leave the concert, but there was no re-entry. 

I know us veggies are not a big crowd, but please, take a look around the city of Portland. There are 12 gazzillion veg-friendly microbrews in (or in close proximity to) Portland, Maine that could have been served. It’s not necessary to name them… (Allagash, Maine Beer Company, Rising Tide, Baxter Brewing Co., it’s cool).

Plus, I’m not sure if you know some vegans. There is a small percentage of us that are fanatical, pedantic and well, fucking crazy at best. Some vegans get angry when they pay for $70 worth of concert ticket with no beer options. I’m not an angry vegan. But when we take over the world some day (as noted in the most ridiculousness of ridiculous articles by The Alarmist , Alarmed by Vegans!!!. You should read it to prepare.) there will need to be some re-consideration of the way these concert deals go down.

I feel as though I’m doing a service to the other vegans on the next three stops of the Gentlemen of the Road tour. We vegans need to look out for each other. Good luck!


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