Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vegans are Everywhere

Sometimes it gets lonely in the vegan world when you are the only person that chooses not consume or use anything animal in your family, business team and/or social circle. I even forgot how comforting it is to have someone share in my veggie opinions every now and again.  I’m not complaining. I know that the choice to surround myself with carnivores is my choice alone.

Yesterday, while I was having my blood drawn as part of annual check-up, a younger-looking nurse commended me on being vegan. She stated, “I wish I could be vegan. But I really just love dairy.” Then she started listing all of the diseases that I decrease the risk of acquiring because I follow a vegan diet.

It was really flattering, especially for me – a person that doesn’t push, but truly believes in the ideals of veganism. Thank you for not rolling your eyes or pronouncing that my lifestyle is anything less than healthy.

On another note of loneliness, I receive the Wall Street Journal every morning at work. Today as I was browsing through the paper pages I noticed an article titled, The Delivery Guy Who Saw Lin Coming. I’m not a basketball fan, but I will be attending a Big East game this weekend thought the article looked interesting. The article states that Ed Weiland, the 51-year-old FedEx delivery guy who lives in Oregon, “Saw Lin Coming” after the stars time at Harvard.

Silly me, vegans are everywhere. 

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