Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo Files: A Classic Vegan Valentine

Vegan Heart Chocolates from Rose City Chocolatier - I definitely was  not expecting these. They're dark chocolate made with beet sugar. Delicious! It looks like they have Corporate Gifts on their site too! So far my favorite one is the Coconut Chocolate right below the red heart shaped piece above. 
Joe and I wen to Figa for dinner. It was a great night out and a place we had wanted to try for a while. The atmosphere has a small neighborhood type feel. He ordered the fish and I got the Black Bean Cakes with Tomatillo Salsa Verde. The sauce was pretty amazing. The menu is meat oriented, however, they seem to be accommodating to veg and gluten free diets. Prices are normal for Portland, Maine and can be a bit on the expensive side. They also have homemade sorbet on the menu but I saved it until next time so I could enjoy a piece of my vegan chocolate heart. 


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