Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Paper Heart & Weekend Catch Up

Yesterday I celebrated a makeshift Valentine’s Day. It was makeshift because to avoid the couples out to dinner in Portland, I will actually be celebrating Valentine's Day on Thursday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Portland's food scene – it happens to be a food mecca and restaurants are packed most of the time. Check out the Food Map

The postponement of my cupid day holiday did not go over well with the ladies in the office. I showed up to work in a full black outfit and was immediately attacked with a pink heart and matching paperclip to be worn the remainder of the day. Practically a feelgood scarlet letter. (See photo below).

My Paper Heart - Go Team.

I’m hoping for easy sailing to a table set for two on Thursday. Missing the Valentine’s crowd and beating the Friday night rush. Whichever way you celebrated Valentine’s Day, I hope if was lovely and full of, well, love.

So, clearly I haven’t blogged in a while. Why? I don’t have a good excuse. The best thing I can conclude is that I was in PJ’s for 90% of the weekend watching this show. I can’t even mention the name because it’s so addicting. I want to watch it right now and I can’t because I have to blog and do other important things! Ugh. I’ll give you a hint. There are maids, butlers and a family with three young girls that all have English accents. Thank you, PBS. Thank you.

The other exciting thing I did this weekend was my taxes. Just kidding. Was book a trip to Vegas. Oh Vegas, a place I never actually thought I would go. A place I never really wanted to go except to check something off my bucket list. Which is exactly what I’m doing. I thought Yosemite or Key West or Austin and landed on…Vegas.

Hello sunshine and pool bar and fun sparkly dresses.

A little Google search will tell you that the owner of Wynn hotels is a VEGAN. Or is according to most of the articles via the web. All of the restaurants in his hotel offer a vegan option, which I am super excited about. There was a brief moment after booking the flight that I was seriously considering which granola bars I would be packing each day for this trip. Now thanks to Steve Wynn and Tal Ronnen I have found myself in a Wynn-Win situation.

More to report on Vegas as it gets closer.

The last thing I will share with you tonight is general applause for Starbucks. I would like to thank Starbucks for finally bringing The Two Mom’s in the Raw Bars up to good packaging standards in their stores. I had given up on these bars for about year due to the air in the packaging - which made the bars stale. 

This morning as I ordered ice coffee, I reached down and randomly grabbed the bar hoping it would be edible. To my surprise it was actually soft! It may be a fluke, but I really hope it’s not. The bars are Vegan and one of the only bars I like not made with dates. But seriously, what’s with all the darn dates in vegan bars?

Dates make my mouth swollen and I feel like semi-crying every time I eat a bar that has it as the main ingredient. It’s unfortunate because I enjoy the taste of Larabars. All of the Larabars have dates. Boo to dates.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful evening!


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