Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hearty Vegan Fare at Cafe Indigo….Concord, NH

Cafe Indigo
128H Hall Street, Concord, NH

Oh, how I wish Café Indigo was closer to Portland, Maine because I would go, probably too much for my own good. Sarah, my best friend from Providence College, and I decided that it had been way too long since we had seen each other. So we met in Concord at Cafe Indigo and stayed for 2 1/2 hours catching up on life!

It was a windy day yesterday driving through New Hampshire and the sky was like a floating painting. The clouds were picturesque above the tree line.

These are the picturesque clouds:

MY Experience
Rating: 5 of 5
The atmosphere is pretty quiet with soft music in the dining area. It's not your typical cafe. It's a bakery, lunch shop in a commercial building with the food prep area in the back. When you first walk in there is a freezer with vegan dinners and veggie patties, etc. There’s also a fridge and a bakery counter to buy goods and order food.

The specials are listed on a small chalk-board by the counter where you place your order and then seat yourself, much like Local Sprouts. There’s a plethora of tables for parties of two, but also a few larger tables to accommodate bigger parties. They have colorful artwork on the walls that make it a warmer feel.
Both of the times I've stopped at Cafe Indigo the staff has been extremely helpful. There is a younger woman that works the counter who is sparky and attentive. 
My Food
Rating: 4.6 out of 5
So the greatest thing about Café Indigo is a vegan diner can eat virtually everything on the menu.

There aren’t appetizers listed on the menu, but I’m sure if you wanted something first you could ask. I actually like the fact that there aren’t appetizers because my meal was filling and Cafe Indigo is a place where you need to get dessert.

Sarah ordered the Homade Veggie Burger and thought it was delicious. I was persuaded to go for The Rachel, their vegan ruben, and I’m happy I did. I will say that the veggie burger had a more organic, earthy taste to it comparative to The Rachel. It tasted like something you would want during the summer right off the grill. It was comprised of rice and black beans, along with other veggies.

The Rachel was also delicious and consisted of a seitan patty, which made it a pretty hearty sandwich. Seitan = lots of protein. The coleslaw and special sauce were also very tasty. Both dishes were served with blue tortilla chips.

When I go back I will probably try the ToFishy or Falafel Burger. (We are going to Burlington in May so I will be back soon!!)

I think this is the category where they get major points.

Since Café Indigo is most known for their Carrot Cake, and it’s sold at the Portland Whole Foods, I decided to try their other baked good options. I purchased two cookie bars, one chocolate chip and one oatmeal raisin. Much to my surprise I found the chocolate chip fabulously sweet, a bit too sweet. Don’t worry, I still ate it. Sarah loved her chocolate chip cookie bar as well. The oatmeal raisin cookie bar was basically like I had died and gone to heaven. It was so good.

Last year when Joe and I were traveling to Burlington, we planned a detour to Café Indigo. We picked up a classic Whoopie Pie, which I also highly recommend. They also have, cupcakes, regular cakes, carrot cake and more!

Sarah and I both had water. There was the option for organic soda, but we skipped it for the H2O.

Cookie bars.

Carrot Cake at Whole Foods

Below is the most updated menu on their site. They also have a brunch menu listed, but for some reason my computer couldn't download the image. 
Art credit: Cafe Indigo

MY Logistics
Rating: 4.6 of 5
Ranking this category is actually kind of funny because I actually drove two hours from Portland, Maine. Sarah was driving up from Massachusetts and had about an hour to drive.

I’m giving this category a 4.6 because unless you know exactly where the location is, it’s a bit hard to find. Once you know where it is it’s as easy as Vegan Pie. It's actually pretty  close to the highway exit from I-93.

The café is located in a commercial park. Use your GPS to find the address and once you enter the parking lot take an immediate left. Follow the road until you see the Café Indigo sign on your right. Once you’re in front of the cafe there is more than enough parking. 

For one veggie burger with chips, one vegan Rueben with chips, 3 cookie bars and one pumpkin whoopie pie the bill came to about $25.00. There is a tip jar by the counter which you will want to include in the total price because of the extra effort the staff puts in. 

Rating: 4.73 of 5

think the vegan dessert is the best thing about Cafe Indigo. That being said, I haven't gone enough times to really find my "favorite" food. It's a Cafe, so you're not going to find elaborate vegan dishes, just hearty fresh fare.  For me, it's the perfect place to stop or order from on the way to something else. If you're around Concord, you're lucky, because it would be a good place to find cheap food when you're too lazy to cook. Stop by Cafe Indigo if you get a chance and make sure you look for their sweets at Whole Foods!

AND as a bonus, Sarah gave me this purse from bungalow 360. I thought it was adorable. 



  1. 5 out of 5 because I got to be with you!! Oh and the food was fabulous too :)

  2. My husband and I love Cafe Indigo and are so lucky to live just 25 min away! The best carrot cake and whoopie pies I've ever had, LOVE the pumpkin whoopie pies! :) The next time you visit I would highly recommend ordering a tofu pot pie to bring back home with you - they are in that freezer in the entryway but it's usually a good idea to have them set one aside ahead of time. An amazing comfort food dinner!

    What are your favorite veggie/vegan places in
    Portland? We hope to make a trip up that way this summer...

    1. Hi - Thanks for reading. I will definitely call ahead for a vegan pot pie next time I'm driving through. I also haven't had a vegan pumpkin whoopie pie in 2 years, so I don't know exactly why I personally didn't buy one yesterday (The cookie bars were just calling out to me). If you travel to Portland this summer I would highly recommend any of the places I've created reviews for (Green Elephant, Silly's, Portland Pie Company and Local Sprouts), they're really my favorites. Silly's is a little out of the way, but funky and a great atmosphere. Green Elephant and Local Sprouts are in walking distance of each other. Also, Flatbread has a vegan pizza and a deck for the nice days. check out the food map for more ideas!

  3. The Reuben at Cafe Indigo is my favorite sandwich ever, anywhere. I came on your post because I was looking to see if anyone else had commented on how good it is! -Kate