Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things

Hello friends and a happy weekend to you. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite things. One is random, but if you've been a consistent reader you've probably picked up by now that sometimes I post random things.

My theory is, life isn't all about the veggies.

1. TJ's Soyaki. It's a fabulous veggie-tofu stir-fry addition. I like it because it has more flavor than just plain soy sauce, but doesn't have an overbearing taste. Add rice and a Circus Boy and you've got a fine Friday night meal.

2. Urban Decay vegan palette, make-up and eye-sticks are pretty awesome. I received this from a close friend for Christmas last year and I use it pretty much every day. The eye sticks seem to last forever. I own a purple and black one - and a black glitter version. They clearly mark all of their vegan options on their site and sell products at Sephora. 

The other great thing is that they keep their vegan consumers up to date. For instance, the eye primer in the product below was traced back to production and found not to be vegan. I visited their site and the information was clearly listed in red. 

3. Audra Mae (this is the random one). I'm going to bet she's not vegan. 

Sometimes I forget how great live music is. I went to see Matt Nathanson with a few friends in Portland, Maine. Luckily we got there for the opening act because I thought she was amazing. 

Is it a tad ironic that I'm listing a song called Milk & Honey on this blog? Possibly, however her voice has so much body to it that you should listen to her sing. If you don't soy milk jokes I suggest you skip the first part of the video (and learn to laugh a little). Life is too short not to appreciate the talents of others. 

4. Recipes from Co-workers. Yum. Never underestimate the thought of a generous co-worker. That's why you have office scanners. In addition to copying the regular reports and such.


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  1. I'll be going to Trader Joes in a couple of weeks so I'll get some Soyaki to try. I'm going to check out the make-up,too. As far as Audra Mae - I love her voice. Thanks for sharing!