Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coexist Football-Birthday Party Recap

"Let's just have people over to watch the Pat's game on Saturday." Was the response I got from my boyfriend Joe when I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday. 

Yes! Wings and beer! (And veggie platters….oh my.)

In the effort to make it a party with equal veggie opportunities we started planning the food list. Mostly of traditional finger food, but also some new stuff. Everyone invited decided to graciously bring more items, which left a  plethora of food staring at me at 1:30a.m. while picking up the apartment.

Luckily the game was at 8p.m., because I spent most of my day feeling like this girl. I tried to make a homemade family recipe from Joe's grandmother for the cake and it was an epic fail. So epic that at the end of the second try I thanked Betty Crocker for her fine box cake skills, decorated it to the best of my ability and went on my way (like five hours after I started). I will master the original recipe one day...

Thank You, Betty.

Equal opportunity food zone.  Veggie platter, puppy chow and pizza rolls. 

The other successful items that I meshed together are posted below! Vegan Puppy Chow and Pizza Bread Rolls. Yum. 

Lastly, I got the All-Star decorations from target. They're pretty sweet. Oh and of course, the Pat's won so a Super Bowl party may be in my future. 


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