Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vegan LivingSocial and Groupon Deals…Yes, They Do Exist

Check. Check. Check. Delete. Delete. Delete-te-te-te.

Spam, nobody likes it.

How did my inbox get this way? It’s an organized disaster. I refuse to believe I let my guard down for five seconds while browsing the web, however now that I have Self sending me “Recipe of the Week” I guess it’s undeniable. I signed up for this… stuff.

What is my life?

Guilt Free Mac’n’Cheese Recipe. Delete. I don’t eat cheese, so the whole less cheese to save my waistline isn’t going to help me. I’ve requested to be removed from this Self email list literally three times and I still have these articles popping up every week.

Oh those silly automated email lists, they rarely care that we find them annoying.

So, one day while at the office a collegeau mentioned a great deal on a Portland resturant and told me she would send me the link to services that were providing these fantastic prices.

“Great!” I said.

Great if I want more junk in my inbox. Bah! I went back to my desk and devised a mental plan on how I could stop the epedemic of resturant deals about to hit. I moved to Saving Danie's Inbox Plan A:

  • I could just delete them and not sign up for the services. But what if my collegeau asked me about the deals? I would be left with telling her I have no soul and I deleted the recommendation she so excidetly shared. Not beneficial for office morale.
  • Ok, Plan B. I could let it run for a few weeks to make small talk then delete, delete, delete. 
  • AND Plan C. I could actually enjoy it. 
Assessing my options I realized that Plan B was my only option. The other two were either quasi-mean or quasi-frivolous. 

After a month of receiving emails from LivingSocial and Groupon, originally thought to be temporary, I realized that deals were floating past me and I wasn't taking advantage of buying vouchers for things I actually liked. Again, what is my life? I had an attitude toward the email blast and I needed to get over it. 

Of course they do try sell you on deals that promote meat or things that I would never want to do - like buy a session of a One-Month Math Enrichment Program in Southern New Hampshire (I feel sorry for the kid whose mother saw that one right before Christmas). But the alternative is the awareness of activities and restaurant deals that make life more interesting and definitely more affordable.

Also, if you promote the site to more people via your personal link you have the ability to get some of the deals for free.

Recently I bought a voucher to eat at Figa in Portland, a place I would not normally go to, however, looking at the menu realized that both Joe, the meat eating bf, and I could go and get something we both enjoyed. It's a perfect idea for a date night AND I just bought a $40 voucher for the cost of $20. I win.

The other restaurant vouchers I've purchased are for places that I already love, like Local Sprouts and Cafe Indigo. And of course I bought the pilates voucher at Pure Movement, because I really need to do something other than run and if I bought the voucher then I will have to use it, and if I will have to use it then I will be more toned, and if I'm more toned then I can eat more Endangered Species mint chocolate because I love it.

That's probably an inaccurate account of what is actually going to happen with the chocolate, but it's motivation nonetheless. 

Overall, LivingSocial and Groupon are great for vegans. You probably won't buy something every day, but when you do find something you like it's well worth the price. They provide a diversity of options to your email and can show you places that you never knew existed. Enjoy!



  1. You should check out - it's a 100% vegan deal site. Also, Daily Gourmet allows you to select "vegan-only" deals which is pretty rad.