Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friends Get Friends Vegan Body Soap

Don't let the jammies fool you, we were crazy little ones. 

Well, mostly just when you gave us sugar. 

Melis's family and my family grew up together. We spent Halloween's together, watched The Little Mermaid together, spent vacations in the pool and watched  Are You Afraid of the Dark, well the other kids did, I usually resorted to hiding in the kitchen with Melis's mom.   

So now that Melis and I are grown our lives are busy. We live in different states, we have different professions, we see each other only at special family events or the holiday season. 

I guess it's the reality of life and time. 

Over Thanksgiving Melis gave me a birthday present she had been holding for a year. A Babycakes NYC cookbook and a set of Hugo Naturals products. Their products are vegan and gluten free. They smell delicious and best of all...they're VEGAN! 

My favorite part of the Hugo Naturals website is their ingredients list, so you know exactly what you're putting on your skin. Melis gave me a French Lavender salt scrub, soap bar, sea salts and body butter. She also gave the Pineapple lip balm, which is awesome. 

If you're looking for what to buy your best vegan friend for Christmas or their birthday, I greatly suggest the Hugo Naturals products. 

Thanks Melis!


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