Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vermont Vegan Beer, Cupcakes & A Tofu Scramble Put A Smile on My Face

Joe stared out the window for the first 30 minutes of trip as the contours of the Maine landscape passed through our view. I tried to calm myself down as the realization that only fate could shut down my work handheld, which meant that work e-mail was virtually off limits until Monday. The Verizon e-mail Gods were playing a cruel trick on me, I just knew it.

If only I had access to my inbox I could make sure everything was going well at the office!! I cursed the black screen and then realized how ridiculous it was that I was yelling at piece of technology that really didn’t care if I was upset, or happy, or whatever.

After the episode passed, Joe just looked at me and asked, “Are you o.k.?” Ha ha. Life.

That was the beginning of our trip last year and I’ll be blunt. Last year was a stressful year.

This year, however, I gladly placed my work phone at the bottom of my bag and enjoyed our time in Vermont. As you can imagine, Burlington, Vermont isn’t exactly stress city. It’s peaceful and super vegan friendly.

Here are some very vegan highlights!

Magic Hat Brewery Tour: First, Magic Hat is Vegan! YES! [Doing a dance right now would be appropriate]. Ok, let’s proceed.

As you can tell from the labels, packaging and other Magic Hat beer paraphernalia, it’s a fairly in-your-face brand. But not a bad in-your-face, more like a good friend that always knows how to pull off the awkward sweater and weird boots in-your-face. You notice it.

The tour is short and matches the brand. The guide describes the owners and how Magic Hat started. Then you watch a mini-movie on the history of craft beer in America, which oddly parallels the creation of processed food. After, you get to see the large space where they brew, package and label the beer.

I think most people end at the beer tasting bar, where they give you up to four shot sized samples of the beer on tap. Our little group actually started at the tasting bar and beat the crowd, which I would recommend.

Be sure to pick up a growler or two while you’re there. I like Circus Boy best, Joe has an affinity for the HIPA and, of course, you can bring home the best seller, Mr. #9.

Our Growlers!
The tasting bar...

My Little Cupcake: There are two My Little Cupcake shops. One is in Burlington and one is in Essex. I had no idea they existed until we pulled into town, spotted the store-front and like a five year old shrilled “CUPCAKES!” Improvising on the iPhone for a quick vegan search, we realized that, yes, they do have mini vegan cupcake options. I would have liked to try the chocolate on chocolate. However, they only had the vegan chocolate almond, which was fabulously rich, but delicious. I suggest you check-out these bite sized treats when you can!

An awkward amount of cupcake drawings. :-)

Magnolia Bistro: I wish Burlington was geographically closer to Portland, Maine because I would eat at Magnolia Bistro all the time. Signage states that it is the first green business certified in Burlington. All of the vegan and gluten-free options are clearly labeled. They are flexible with food orders and the orange juice is delicious. Let me just note here that I’m not really an orange juice gal, but this was really good.

I got the Vegan Sesame tofu scramble with home fries and wheat toast. I could only finish  about ¾ of meal because it was quite a bit of food. They have vegan french toast that is now on my “To Eat” list.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend it for breakfast. We only had a 10 minute wait for a table of 7 people and the service was wonderful. 


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  1. Oh, I really appreciate it when I see posts of vegan restaurants around the country. Now, if ever I'm in that area, I'll know just where to eat! It all sounded delicious, too.