Saturday, November 19, 2011

Prepping for Pre-Thanksgiving & A Fortune Family Holiday

"If you can pre-game then you should be able to have a pre-Thanksgiving." Stated the cashier at Trader Joe's as I ran back with the savory tofu package.

"Exactly." I said with a smile.

I guess it's only appropriate to have that mindset about a holiday where football is probably ranked "runner up" directly after food for the Most Important Thing about Thanksgiving award. This is America after all. We do love our football. I for one, think it's okay, but people tell me they love it.

So, I paid for my forgotten, but necessary vegan item and was on my way. There was baking to be done and, coming from a large family with many events, I knew that time would be one of the most important elements for hosting a dinner.

I heart vegan stuffing.

Today our table will have 7 meat-eaters, 1 gluten-free eater and 1 vegan (me!). We're a fun group. There will be turkey, and tofu, and veggies without butter, and vegan gluten-free coffee brownies I made from scratch. There will most definitely be wine. And the conversation will probably turn to random holiday jokes or quoted scenes from Family Guy.

As I make the vegan stuffing recipe noted in a previous post, which is my absolute favorite, I want to share a link to Mary's blog Thirtytensomething for her introduction to Thanksgiving.

Please  note: If you read the post  with "Wild Turkey, meth and bad decisions" in the headline, it's not about Thanksgiving. It's actually just a creepy and kind of ridiculous story about alcohol and Mary kicking someone away with her feet. Mary, thanks for sharing.


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