Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooking, Compromise & My Favorite Vegan Stuffing Recipe

I will admit that I change almost every recipe I make. It’s nothing against the chef that originally created it.

It’s me, not you, and I actually mean that.

You could say that cooking is much like dating. Complicated at times, always searching for the ingredient that will make life a little more scrumptious, without being overbearing or intimidating. Too dry, too sweet, too harsh, too decorative, there are a lot of reasons why finding the right ingredients can be well, not exciting or fun at all.

Sometimes it’s tempting to drop it all and give up, other times you find something that makes you fall madly in love.

So, I have my own theory that cooking, much like relationships, needs the element of compromise. Some things are definite, like baking powder and whole-wheat flour. Other things are adjustable, like cranberries or strawberries or snozzberries, and can be modified as you wish. The key is to know the difference. Feel free to get creative.

Now that you know my obsession on trying to make recipes my own, there are two recipes that I refuse to alter. The first is my Memere’s peanut butter fudge recipe. This recipe is sacred and probably holds as much weight as old family photographs in a burning fire.

The second is the Fruit and Toasted Almond Stuffing I received out of the 2009 Vegetarian Times issue. It was the first recipe as a vegan I completely fell in love with. The page now sits inside a plastic cover sheet in a binder to protect it from ingredients milling around the counter as I cook.

Honestly, I had actually given up eating this dish for years because Portuguese stuffing is usually made with chorizo. With Thanksgiving around corner, I just wanted to share the recipe that made my first vegan holiday comfortable and delicious. Every little bit counts; so make sure you follow the directions intently.

Click Here for Recipe on the VegetarianTimes Website.

Good luck!


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