Thursday, October 27, 2011

A New Favorite:

Everyone has a favorite something.

Something neatly tied to a memory and stored in a steadfast place in your heart. I most definitely have favorites. There are my everyday favorites, like my pink and yellow flowered socks, my spot in the last line of the parking lot at work, my gray boots that have holes at the toe, purple eyeliner and the way I prefer soy milk in my coffee over almond milk. Even the way I prefer French vanilla coffee, or any coffee really, over tea.

There are more nostalgic favorites, like they way a certain person or piece of clothing or situation made you feel. Sunsets and landscapes and picture perfect sand-in-your-toes-and-wind-through-your-hair summer days at the beach. And pretty much all of my happy thoughts.

Then there are “super personal” favorites, like your closest friends or family. I would put pets in this category, since they are man’s best friend. Athletes or entertainers, I guess, could go in this category also, since I have seen grown adults act like love struck teenagers over casual celebrity banter. “I love him so much!” There are people that fluctuate in and out of your life and there is a purpose for those people. Divine timing is not something to reckon with or even understand at times.

Mary is one of my favorites. She is a close friend, a colleague, partially responsible for My Vegan Corporate Life (she told me I was crazy if I didn’t start my blog), and now starting a blog of her own. 

Honestly, Mary was born a writer. Her musings are short, funny and interesting. And because she is turning Thirtytensomething… she has decided that all of the writing she has done over the years needs to be shared! So, she is going to post at least one of her columns every day. Below is her About Me section and blog link. Enjoy!

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