Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Bit of Summer & Vegan Squash

Hello Readers –

Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend with lots of sunshine and vegan potato salad. I would love to hear what you did if you would like to leave a message.

Just a couple of things to share today!

To start, last weekend, while Irene was jetting up the East Coast and I was rummaging around my apartment, Joe and I decided the best option would be to stay in and make dinner. It was perfect because the power was still on and I had skipped by an acorn squash at the grocery store two days earlier which magically landed in my red basket and was now sitting in my refrigerator. 

Since Joe is a classic meat and potatoes guy and isn’t really well versed in the cooking category of “squash”, I figured I could cook it quite classically -- with some brown sugar. To my surprise, he had stumbled upon this Italian Roast Acorn Squash recipe from Dianasaur Dishes and we decided to leave off the cheese to make it vegan, although you could buy substitute cheese and it would taste just as good.

You should try it. Good luck.

Second, summertime in Maine is coming to a close and our family decided it would be awesome to see the Dani Tribesmen on the reggae cruise this past Sunday. Music, beer, views of the Maine landscape, and dancing if you’d like. It’s a family favorite since a third of the band members are actually my family! They have three weekends left and leave every Sunday from Boothbay Harbor.

Waiting for the boat. Enjoying the sun. 

Enjoying the wind...

Lastly, I am taking a trip to Chicago in October and I will need to eat! Any recommendations on where I can find fun vegan eateries and where a girl can get a vegan cookie would be appreciated. 


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