Friday, September 23, 2011

Inc. 500 Conference

The White House was looking picturesque today as my flight was jetting by the Nation’s Capital.

Of course by picturesque I mean that, if you can ignore the stark reconstruction of the National Mall blaring dirt instead of water and focus on the little white building in the background, Washington D.C. is actually quite refreshing to see without the tainted picture of a news story. 

I’m in D.C. for the Inc. 500 Conference.

I wanted to blog specifically about this conference because, not only is it informative and sophisticated from a content perspective, but it also has been a great experience from a client perspective.

Last year I had the opportunity to travel to a conference in Denver because my company was one of the major sponsors. Everything went well until dinner. The Inc. advertising rep didn’t realize I was vegan. I didn’t say anything before dinner. There was a language barrier between me and the server. Things were returned to the kitchen multiple times and I felt very uncomfortable - even worse I think the server was frustrated and looked defeated.

This year, however, it was definitely a different story. The ad rep that handles our account secured that I was served a vegan dish for every portion of the meal tonight. There was not a single mishap through dinner, which allowed me to enjoy the people around me and the atmosphere.

It just proves that good relationship management means sometimes you have to go that extra mile for a business partner - which is appreciated and really does make a difference.

I’m exhausted from traveling and have about 5+ different break out sessions and meetings to attend tomorrow. I hope you have a very productive (and fun) Friday.  


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