Friday, September 23, 2011

Inc. 500 Conference: Day Two

The Inc. 500 Conference will be continuing until Sunday. However, I flew out of D.C this evening to attend a special event for two friends back home. I was a bit disappointed that I would be missing Russell Simmons, yogi and vegan, who is speaking on Saturday morning - but I feel as though a "wedding" might actually trump in the "personal important life events" category. 


I wanted to share information on one of the most intriguing speakers I've seen in a long time. Ted Leonsis, a businessman and philanthropist at heart, spoke today with finite passion about creating business for happiness and to help further develop people. The man has experience in a multitude of industries - he owns professionals sports teams, created a film called Nanking that was featured at Sundance, he worked at AOL, and he even knows what Groupon is (because he's the Vice Chairman). His experience gives him a unique perspective and I found his faith in the positive possibilities of the human soul very impressive. 

I wanted to share this with you for a couple reasons - because 1. Ted's blog Ted's Take will be included in my  blog roll moving forward and 2. Because if you have any sort of an entrepreneur spirit you should know who he is (as potential motivation).



  1. I love the bar graph! Way to keep it very "corporate." :-)

  2. I second the bar graph. Very effective illustration.

    I left an award for you on my blog :)

    I'm going to check out Ted's Take. Thanks for the recommendation.