Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Signs, Family Parties, and Life!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I, for one, enjoyed myself at a family party for a mini of the family. While it was filled with Portuguese meat food, I did bring a quinoa dish that me and maybe five other people tried. Tradition is tradition - try to drag a Portuguese person away from their cod fish and you might actually get hurt.

Any-who - driving to Massachusetts is always one of my favorite things when it comes to traveling to the family party. I noticed this time the traffic going into Maine was heavier than usual. Sometimes I don't think people realize that Maine is what I like to call the "Weekend" state. People from other parts of the northeast book it to Maine for a weekend because it's a drive away and the coastline is beautiful.

Get up early or leave late. It lessens your chances of being one of the suburbans with the five mini bikes hanging off the back stuck in traffic from Maine, through New Hampshire and into Massachusetts. (I'm not joking about that.)

Another thing that I just love is the driving quality going into New Hampshire. Once I cross of the Pisquata River it's seriously game time. People are crazy. Even more crazy tend to be the actual highway signs.

Massachusetts's new highway road campaign is "Think Road Safety!"I saw this and immediately started laughing. Think road safety? Do people even know what road safety is? If asked, I think a reply might be, "Uh, go 85mph instead of 100mph and maybe use my blinker?"

If they actually want people to stop and listen they need to be dramatic. My suggestion? start road campaigns that put the fear in the people driving. Maybe something like... "If you go 15mph over the speed limit, we are going to track you down and give you a ticket so high you're not going to be able to pay for your kids college tuition." or maybe something like "Text and Drive and your $50k will be mine. Do you have $50k? No? We didn't think so… because you're 18."

Even if they can't actually do that for legal reasons I think it would stop the insanity on I-95. Honestly, I don't even have kids and I would slow down for that.

Speaking of road signs, whomever stole the "Open for business" sign under the Welcome to Maine sign entering the state...it's back. Your efforts did not go unnoticed.

Here are some highlights from the weekend in pictures. It's not a party without a mini John Deere tractor…

Howie (my fabulous old car) and I were automatically placed on balloon duty. "Check, check - we've got red and yellow and green and blue…we're good to go. Now departing iParty. Destination Tia Maria's house."

This is my face after I realized the tractor actually had some speed. 
I love finding random family pictures taped to coffee machines. Tia Maria and Tio Orlando when they were young. Awww.
Couldn't eat the cake - but still loved the decoration
You know it was a good party when the man of the day leaves his yellow car out of reach
and decides the tile floor is the place to fall asleep.


  1. i laughed out loud at this post. you are DEAD ON about massachusetts drivers. we're really awful. i think part of the problem is they genuinely set the speed limit too low. but mostly, it's just massholes.

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