Friday, July 1, 2011

Questions to Ask at the Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market in the summertime is fabulous. I’m honestly a kid in a candy shoppe. I love it. There are so many vegetables to look at and recipes to ponder. Although, every time I go, I will admit, there is an underlying sense of anxiety that passes through my thoughts as I’m wandering past farm stand after farm stand. And it normally goes something like this… 

“Who has the best produce? What farm should I buy kale from, nine of them have kale? Do I buy organic tomatoes, or do I buy tomatoes that are just tomatoes? If a tomato is not organic is it still a tomato? If I buy the mini tomato, instead of the large tomato, what would the difference taste like if I make a salad? Bah! Just go for the lettuce, that’s marked and has one pronunciation, it’s easy you just have to grab the bag and stand in line….”

Really though, how do I know what to look for at a farmer’s market? I know organic is better, but what other things should I be looking for?

So with the help of my organic farmer friend James, as noted in the guest blog Choices, we devised a list that will help you be an informed farmer’s market consumer. I will admit here that when I say “we”, I mean I created the design and used spell check, James did most of the content work. Thanks, James.

You’ll see questions for Vegetables, Dairy and Meat. Why? Because I know that VCL readers aren’t all vegan, and I would rather spread the word of healthy organic food practices and what to look for in food, regardless of your omnivore/herbivore preference. 

FYI - The meat section is a just tad graphic.

If you want the sheet below, but can't click on the image file and print accordingly, e-mail me and I will send you the PDF to print!

Good Luck.


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