Friday, July 8, 2011

26 Things To Do in Year 26

Particular holidays make you contemplate just how old you actually are. A day just like any other day - except one that seems to generate a more intense series of personal measurements including achievements, accomplishments, failures and mishaps.   

Two days out of the year, however, seem to have a reputation worse than the others.

The first you could probably guess is quite obvious, the presumable New Years Day. The day in which your family and friends get together for grandiose resolutions, party dresses, TV, a 12am ball drop, glitter 201(whatever) glasses with hope that every picture your best friend is taking doesn’t end up tagged on Facebook by morning.

I like New Years because it’s a universal holiday. I enjoy myself. I never really make resolutions, knowing that if I want something to change it needs to be habitual. Plus changing anything in the middle of a Maine winter can be a bit tough and all of my external goals are shot down by internal banter.

Mostly something like this…
Me 1: I will run in the morning before work!
Me 2: Really? Because it’s freezing and you’re going to need a flashing vest in order to dodge the pick-up trucks. Don’t be ridiculous, you get cold in July with a jacket on and hand warmers.

The second day is more personal. A birthday. Your birthday. Another year, another smile wrinkle, another way to refer to yourself. “I’m a teenager” “in my mid-twenties” “Under thirty” “In a quarter life crisis” “In a mid-life crisis” “Young at heart”.

And throughout the short time I've been here, I have gotten into the habit of taking a minor inventory of my life each year. Mostly focusing on what I can be thankful for, but also focusing on what I want to experience. So as I recap life as a 25 year-old and gear up for my second birthday as a vegan, here are my general ponderings of the year.

Year 25 was great. I have a family that loves me. I’m healthy. I’m happy. I got a promotion. I got a terrific new manager. I was able to enjoy Denver, Colorado, San Francisco and Disney World. I put on a small, but successful Bowl-A-Thon for Literacy Volunteers. I was able to write freely and compile my random thoughts into these things I call “blog posts”. I found out vegan pizza is right around the corner from my apartment and my 8th Grade Bicycle still works. The Bruins won the Stanley Cup. My basil plant is still growing strong in my window and my appreciation for rap music is still growing strong in my heart.

Year 25 was a great year and I am truly thankful for the people in my life. And since age 26 starts tomorrow, I have decided that I want to continue the positive stream of energy. So I’m just going to jump in!

When I was little I had virtually no fear.
I would run to the water without arm floaties on and try bicycles without breaks. 
I have decided to make a list of the 26 Things To Do in Year 26. Honestly, some of the items are random, a great portion of them are silly, and others have no purpose other than simply because I want to do them. Mostly, it's a list of little things that have been sitting on an invisible to do list. And now they're sitting on a digital to do list waiting to get done.

I’m going to post the list to my page and cross off items accordingly. As I find my way to these 26 things throughout the year, I’ll be sure to share them with you!

I’m going to enjoy the weekend,  I hope you do the same (birthday or not).


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