Monday, June 27, 2011

Portland Pie Co.: A Slice of Vegan Goodness In or Outside the Office…Portland, Maine

Portland Pie Co.
Portland, Maine

Portland Pie Co. has become one of my favorite places in Portland. They have four locations, Portland, Scarborough, Westbrook and Manchester, NH and they deliver! Although I spend most of my time going to the Portland location, the last time my department had a strategy meeting our VP from New York said "Let’s order pizza, not vegan… and uh vegan.” So I responded “Great. I know the perfect place.”

MY Experience
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Portland Pie is a good sports, pizza, and dining place. The staff is always friendly and attentive, quick to answer questions and quick to let you watch the game. I probably watched about three or four Bruins games at the Portland location during the Bruins-Lightning and Bruins-Canucks series, and the only day that it felt like it was a bit crowded was the second game into the Stanley Cup finals (when it should be crowded).

For seating, they have a series of high tops and another dining area with multiple low tops, plus a bar that fits 8-10 people. I’m not sure about the seating detail at other locations. But, I do remember that the Scarbourgh restaurant seemed to be focused on more of a dining atmosphere. 

Portland Pie actually encourages custom orders, so on their menu you'll find the sections labeled Make Your Own Sandwich and Make Your Own Pizza. Perfect for vegans!

MY Food
Rating: 4.5 of 5
I like it. 

They have an extensive menu, so it's perfect to accommodate a diverse set of tastes. The menu lists salads and sandwiches and pizzas and calzones and pasta… It's large enough so that each employee in your  department at work could find something they like OR perfect for the group of friends that needs a vegan option, a gluten free option, and the classic meat and cheese choice.

I don’t normally get the appetizers or the salads, but there is a hummus plate and a garden salad listed for your inquiry (I would just double check with the waitstaff that the pita chips are vegan).

I usually order the Make Your Own Pizza, 10” on wheat dough, Vegan Cheese and a plethora of veggies. The waitstaff told me that the dough options are vegan, however I would stay away from the beer dough since it's made with Shipyard beer. I normally stick with the wheat dough. This was the first place I tried vegan cheese. Unlike a lot of people that give up dairy, I have no cravings for cheese and therefore never even think about buying the substitution. The vegan cheese is definitely a little sweeter than I expected, but I like it.

Does beer count? But seriously, I don’t think they have dessert because people are too enamored with the pizza.


The beer says Shipyard, but was actually a Long Trail.

Just as an FYI if you happen  to be traveling to Portland, Maine - Shipyard Brewery, unfortunately, does not offer vegan beer. Please see images below for your reference, taken from my "Is Your Beer Vegan?" App via my iPhone. If you're looking for local vegan beer I recommend Allagash Brewing Company, Geary's and, my personal favorite, Maine Beer Company.

MY Logistics
Rating: 5 of 5
It’s a two minute walk from my apartment, so I can’t really complain about parking or travel time. When ordering take out I would give a standard amount of time for custom orders. I know our administrative assistant ordered the pizza about 45 minutes before she needed it for the meeting and everything was delivered on time.

I think the price is reasonable for good pizza. For two 10" pizzas, one vegan, one meat extravaganza, and two-three beers, Joe and I paid around $30.00 before tip.

Rating: 4.67 of 5
If you're looking for a place that you can walk into with jeans and a sweatshirt, enjoy a beer and eat pizza, then Portland Pie is definitely the place to go. It's not in the midst of the Old Port, so you miss the crowds from downtown. 

It's also perfect for casual work meetings. I know the people that ordered food at the office genuinely enjoyed every bite. 


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