Monday, June 13, 2011

Life Should Be Fun: The Daily Mood Cards

Life should be fun! That's why when I went to Border's this weekend to explore their Vegan Cookbook section I stumbled across some quirky office items.

I bought The Daily Mood cards for $8.00 so now I can communicate to all of my lovely office mates that I'm Splendid! or Emo or Hunky-Dory or Giddy or Managerial… There's 47 moods to choose from so have fun with it, or don't - either way there's a card for whatever mood you want to be in.

Other products I thought were neat from Fred and Friends.

Food Face 

"Excuse me you have something on your face"

Ninja Bread Men 

For all your vegan ninja gingerbread cookie needs
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Happy Monday!


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