Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photo Food Review and How to Find BabyCakes in Downtown Disney

Because pictures speak louder than words, I have decided to do a food review with photos. Some were made especially for me during the conference and others I ate at stands throughout the parks. I learned fairly quickly that regardless of if you're part of a large conference or a single person making sure what you're eating is vegan, Disney employees will go out of their way to find a chef and make sure they answer your question. 

Lunch and dinner at the Yacht & Beach Club Resort 

Lunch: Tofu, Veggies and Sesame Sauce
Dinner: Black Bean Cakes and Rice

Hollywood Studios & Dinoland
Dinner at Dinoland at the Animal Kingdom, made by Chef Orlando. Polenta, Veggies & Tofu. I had a salad for lunch at Hollywood Studios. I just asked for the salad without Chicken and it worked out perfectly.

Magic Kingdom & Harry Potter 

I had lunch at The Magic Kingdom, which consisted of a salad with sunflower seeds. It was just what I was hoping for, something light and healthy. Dinner was at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I will admit, when they opened the doors, my friend Renee and I jetted to the roller coasters immediately.  We had the whole park to ourselves for a night, no lines! Food may have been an afterthought, but was delicious none the less.

HoneyDukes has Trail Mix… Sorry, I mean WIZARD Mix!

Caribbean Beach Resort & Jiko 
(Conference ends, Vacation Begins)

We moved to the Caribbean Beach Resort and I found this at the food court. Yum.

FYI - Joe and I made reservations at JIKO at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for Dinner so I'll be doing another post about our meal. It was wonderful. 
Divvies Popcorn. I hadn't had caramel since I became a vegan and I enjoyed this lovely popcorn on the hammock Wednesday.

Vacation! Disney Vegan Potato Chips!

Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom

On Thursday Joe and I conquered Animal Kingdom in the Morning 

"Don't get distracted by the Tree, stick to the plan, we're going straight to Everest!"

For lunch I grabbed a pre-made salad at the Animal Kingdom. We ate at Cosmic Ray's Starlight CafĂ© for Dinner at the Magic Kingdom. I was super hungry and forgot to take a photo of my veggie wrap. They also serve veggie burgers, but don't order the fries, I was informed that the fries and the chicken nuggets are fried in the same broiler. Stick to the apple slices. 

Epcot & Downtown Disney
Epcot: At the land I talked with the chef, the veggies, stir fry and tofu are all vegan, so eat up!
After lunch which was a little later than normal because we wanted to do as much as possible at EPCOT, we booked it to Downtown Disney to find BabyCakes!

This was my favorite. The chocolate chip cookies with vanilla creme. The guy in the background = not amused. Haha. 

Joe, the meat-eating bf, liked the chocolate cookie the best. We both agreed that the brownie cupcake with mint was a good choice to taste test, but was a little too rich. Honestly, they were all delicious!


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