Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend: Happiness

This past weekend I was invited to attend two events for my friend Jack, or should I say Father Jack, who chose to join the Dioceses of Maine and was ordained a priest this past Saturday. Father Jack was beaming through the ceremonies as he found out the church where he would live after this weekend and thanked all of his family and friends for the support over the years. He was happy, genuinely happy.

Because I met Jack at Providence College, a group of friends, some in which I haven't seen in 5 years, ended up on the Maine coast for the special event.

Catching up with people was wonderful and as I  was puttering around in a canoe Sunday afternoon after the reception, beer in hand, with a group of friends that have chosen very different life paths - a NYC Public school teacher, a Financial Analyst at Coach, an organic farmer from Arkansas, and a program director at the University of New Hampshire -- I realized that all of us were genuinely happy.

It made me realize that at the end of the day that's exactly what I want for my friends, happiness. Regardless of life path, or what type of spirit or soul they choose to love and honor in this life, or the clothes they wear or the profession they select, or whether or not they only eat veggies, I really just want them to be happy.

This made me smile.

To all the naysayers: The NYC Princess did in fact get on the standing board from L.L. Bean
My contribution to today's family BBQ. Quinoa, garbanzo beans, spinach, garlic, basil,  tomatoes and red peppers. Yummy!

So, this Memorial Day Weekend while you're making your quinoa dish or trying Danie's lentil salad, let's be grateful to the people that are no longer here, enjoy the people that make us smile today, and remember that everyone's life path is their own to decide.


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