Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peeled Snacks: I like it!

I was bopping around downtown Portland this morning, while the world was still asleep, listening to Jason Mraz and admiring the way light hits the brick buildings. I wandered into Starbucks for some coffee and snagged this Apple-2-the-core packet from Peeled Snacks when I remembered that last weekend when I was at Logan airport I bought this and really liked it, same on the way home at the San Jose Airport. So, it's official, I highly recommend the Peeled Snack series! They're delicious, not messy, good for traveling, vegan and organic. 

Photo Credit: Peeled Snacks

Downtown Portland, Peeled snacks in hand.

Check out their website!


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  1. out and about yesterday and craving a snack when i saw peeled snacks at a Marshalls believe it or not and thought of you.... i'Ve tried the apple before and didn't love it but they had apricot, date and fig and i think i devoured the whole pack on my way home! huge fan!