Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On-the-Go: Learning to Love Yoga

I like to move. I like to run. I like to lose myself with the steps. To hear the pavement beneath my feet and the rap music that keeps me moving for miles. I like step class with all the side-to-side stepping, over the top action. I like mouthing the words to the remix as the instructor says the commands. I like to bike to the beach in the summer time, pink back-pack on my shoulders, running shoes on my feet and helmet gracing my sun kissed hair. And when all else fails me - I like to walk. To see the things I don’t see when I run, to find a rhythm that use to be more frequent before I got my desk job.

But yoga, I had to learn to love yoga.

I had to dig deep into the bottom of my soul and stop. Just stop. And breathe. It took me a while to like it. To really appreciate the affect it has on the body and mind. The way I feel after – stronger, relaxed and more confident. Although I don’t find myself at a yoga class often to due my schedule, I still try to keep it in my life on a weekly basis. It’s especially good for traveling.

Here are some resources to use when you’ve got twenty minutes at your desk, you want to refresh your yoga practice in your living room or when you find yourself on a business trip. The way I see it is if you’re stuck in a hotel and don’t want to venture outside due to lack of knowledge about the area, can’t stomach the gym after a 5 hour flight, but need your piece of mind  – yoga may just be the answer.

Yoga in your hotel room! Sometimes I have to keep my shoes on because of the texture of the rug. 

Here are my favorite on-the-go resources:

iTunes Store: There are so many options to choose from, songs, TV Shows, Podcasts, etc. Find what works best for you. I really like the Exercise TV Edpisodes with Yoga and Pilates because they’re 10-20 minutes, inexpensive and fun. The good thing about downloading the media to your computers is that you’re not reliant on the internet connection.

FitnessMagazine.com: Create a free account and you’ll have access to their entire video library.

Hulu Health & Fitness Page:

Acacia Lifestyle – The site lists five new weekly workouts that usually include a new yoga practice. You can try it and then buy if you find one that you like!

Yoga Journal - A lot of info and inspiration. Plus a download center. http://www.yogajournal.com/


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