Friday, April 1, 2011

Meatless Monday Response: Best Practice for Corporate

In response to the Meatless Mondays portion of my post Vegan or Not: How to ASk For What You Want at Work, Chris Elam, the MM Director, contacted me and shared that in a traditional corporate environment it may be easier to start with veggie options side by side. Please see his note below. 

Thanks Chris!

* * * 

Hi Danielle,

This is Chris Elam, program director of Meatless Monday.
Thru the 
magic of Google Alerts, we saw your post about the Meatless Monday 
event pilot project. We welcome everyone to define MM however they 
see fit - but I will say that in our experience, particularly at 
corporate cafeterias, it often works best - at least for a first 
step - if you highlight meatless options alongside meat options on 
Monday.That way you're giving people more options not less. That 
way you can ease people into it. Educating people about the health, 
environmental and taste benefits of trying meatless.

All best!


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