Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If I Could Multiply My Salary, You Pretty Things Would Belong to Me: Vegan Bags on Etsy

Handbags and working women probably formed a mutual love for each other at the beginning of time. These bags are vegan, (for the most part) office appropriate and found on Etsy. Enjoy!

Click the photo to be directed to the Etsy page of each bag. 

Photo Credit (First Four Bags): Beesnetta

Photo Credit: The Button Tree Company
Photo Credits (Red & Black Bags): Ninfea

Photo Credit (Above & Below): Nikolette Bags


  1. I just ordered the teal Button Tree Company clutch for my sister. Got the last one. Thanks for the find!

  2. Great! Glad you liked it - I thought it was so pretty.

  3. I'm surprised to find my clutch purses on your blog! So happy about it..thanks for sharing! I will share your blog on my Facebook/Twitter :) I love your blog! My husband is vegan too. :)