Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday, VegNews & Mickey Ears

There are 3 things I want to share today.

1.   Happy Friday! Yes, it is Friday. Please refer to the site below.

2.   I was going to write a post on the whole VegNews extravaganza. I’m not a subscriber to the magazine, but I wanted to highlight the importance of positioning and selling a magazine with ethical content to people whose very basis of their decision to live a cruelty-free lifestyle might be…well, ethical. 

      Clearly you can see why throwing a couple of ice cream sundaes made of actual cream in the spread may steer away from the whole “promise to our vegan readership” thing.

Anyway, I got this blog sent to me by a colleague that touches on this very subject and would prefer to share this with you instead. The post Goofus and Gallant is written by Bill Coffin of National Underwriter. Now, before you question the whole blog, (because why on the Earth would a blog about insurance know anything about being vegan), I urge you to read the post. It talks about corporate image, VegNews and The Eagles. Odd combination, but I think you’ll like it.

I find the most interesting snippet is when Coffin, referring to lessons to learn about the VegNews incident, writes: 

“The second lesson to learn is that you do not mess with vegans. They have the fervor of suicide bombers and the reach of the mafia. The world should be thankful that all they want is to not eat animal products. If they had a fixation on accumulating gold, the world economy would crash.”

I think he was going for feisty, but wonderful.

3.   You see the ears. That’s right, T-minus 2 Days to Corporate Disney Recognition Conference Blog Awesomeness of Life Event. Woo!

What that basically means is that I’m going to be writing commentary more than usual from Disney World. I’ll let you know what I get to eat, when I get Belle’s autograph or really anything interesting that takes place. We’re also going to the new Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios, so this should be a good time.

200 employees, 1 vegan. Wish me luck!


PS - Kate Middleton = Gorgeous. Please, like I was going to post something on the Royal Wedding Day and not say anything about it. Love the dress. I hope they live a long, happy life.

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