Saturday, April 30, 2011

For the Birds: See You in Orlando!

Because my trip to Disney World starts tomorrow, I wanted to share Pixar's Short Film For the Birds with you today for two reasons. 

First, because while the office can be a meddle of talking, sharing and a place to make important and valuable connections. Sometimes (unfortunately) it may also include gossiping or bullying. So while I think every office situation is different, a general rule I like to live by is the classic "What goes around comes around". Use your thoughts wisely, try to understand where the person is coming from. Work should be a place where everyone feels safe.

Secondly, tomorrow night is a Pixar Party at the resort. I'm not sure what includes, but I hope it involves a large vegan cupcake for dessert decorated to resemble Wall-E. (I can dream…)

I'm packed and almost ready to go. See you in Orlando!


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