Monday, March 28, 2011

Vegan Props to Fenway Park

"You can root for whatever team you want, as long as it's the Red Sox."
- Mike, My Cousin's Husband

I like sports, I do. And I have to admit that I pay closer attention to two professional sports more than the others. The first being soccer (or futbol), because I grew up with a father from Europe and a crowd of Uncles and family members that yell and scream and pack into a room to watch a Benfica game. (Which if you didn’t know is the best team around, for now and always. Don’t ever forget that.)

And the second sport is hockey. Mostly because I’m from Maine and I spend 95% of my life skating to work given it’s so damn cold up here. I’m joking… sort of. 

However, since Baseball is America’s greatest past time and everyone loves a day at the park, PETA releases the Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Stadiums (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST) each year.

Honestly, who doesn’t love the smell of a stadium, the national anthem, the baseball caps, and the chance you might get hit in the face with a foul ball if you’re not paying attention?

From New England, naturally I consider myself a Boston fan. I remember the first time I visited Fenway Park. I thought, “This feels like home,” strange but true. I do believe if you’re a Boston fan you probably know what I’m talking about. The stadium is so quaint and lovable that you leave feeling like you need to return soon. I’ve seen games there, Dave Matthews concerts, been on tours, etc. It’s honestly just a great place.

Now, I’m proud to say that Fenway was noted on the 2010 Vegetarian-Friendly Major-League Stadiums list! Only an Honorable Mention, however a vast improvement from 2009 where the word "Fenway" was nowhere to be found.

Ball-park stadium efforts to offer healthier options really make a difference. While visiting Coors field last year, who’s ranked #5, I glanced at the restaurant key on the way to our seats and saw one salad place, one gluten free place, and vegan beer all around!

So, I’m proud that Boston added veggie dogs and hummus to their food options - seriously we vegans appreciate the effort.  Look for the 2011 rankings in June where I'm hoping Fenway will be listed for another year. 

Coors Field: Not the best seats, but some of the best vegan choices around.

I was just happy to be in Colorado, this really has nothing to do with Baseball Parks. :-) 


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  1. Cool post...except for the Benfica reference. Liverpool FC is where it's at!!!!