Thursday, February 3, 2011

Order of Rank! Top 3 Thursday

Last year I was in a leadership program at my company. The first half was a group project and presentation. The second half was working with a mentor in an area that we wanted to learn more about. I was assigned an AVP who had been with the company for a large portion of his career and in addition to the great knowledge he provided about business areas and structures of organizations, he also provided me the concept of order of rank.

DC: You always have to know what your order of rank is.
Me: Order of rank?
DC: Yes, order of rank. Who’s your number one, number two and so on.
Me: Why?
DC: Because it will help you make decisions, like assigning bonuses and raises. It also makes you ready, should anybody in the organization need something from you, what employees strengths are and how you could cope with the structure of a different team.

So with order in rank mind, I’m introducing Top 3 Thursday, where you rank whatever means the most to by the subject provided each week. So for example, I could put:

Top three… things to put on pizza.

And you could say: 
1. Sauce, 2. Mushrooms, 3. Sun dried tomatoes

This week we’re going to start off easy because the Northeast has been inundated with snow, I’m going to say:

Top three… favorite things to do with snow.




  1. At this point in time I have an extreme hate for snow but if I were to do anything fun with it besides shovel it (I kid) it would be:
    1. build a snowman
    2. sled in it
    3. eat it (just not the yellow snow)


  2. As a kid my list would have read something like
    1. Collect it in a bowl and put maple syrup on it and eat it
    2. Sledding
    3. Make a snow fort

    Right now all i want to do is
    1. Melt it
    2. melt it
    3. melt it

  3. And mine would be…..
    1. Taking pictures of it.
    2. Trying to eat the large snowflakes as they fall…..
    3. Kick it off the back of my tires

  4. Mine:
    1. Having to wear my Bean Boots.
    2. Making snow forts
    3. It eventually goes away...