Wednesday, January 19, 2011

True Bistro: Enjoyable Vegan Dining in Somerville

Somerville, Massachusetts
After a full day of traveling from Maine, the Bruins vs. Pens game, and other crazy events, Sarah, my best friend from college who is an omnivore, and I decided to head to True Bistro for some vegan deliciousness. It’s a new, slightly up-scale restaurant in Somerville. Drummmm roll-please!
Sunny sign in the midst of snow!

MY Experience 
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Sarah called ahead and planned quite well, as we didn’t make it out to the restaurant until 8pm and it was fairly packed. Be careful of the restaurant rush hour, since they don’t take reservations.

There is a lot of white on the walls that give the space a modern, but slightly cold feeling. Everything is very cheek, however in the midst of winter weather we thought maybe a few more colors could provide a bit of visual warmth. The temperature was perfect and the wait staff was pleasant.

MY Food
Rating: 4.5 of 5
When you’re at a restaurant where you can get anything and everything what do you get?! Only the best recommended by the wait staff and people sitting next to you, of course.

APPETIZERS: After a quick back forth between the Ravioli filled with roasted butternut squash and caramelized onion in sherry cream AND the Cornmeal-crusted oyster mushrooms served with horseradish-dill aioli we decided on the Ravioli. Creamy and delicious! Highly recommend by Sarah and myself.

ENTRÉE: I got the Seitan Piccata, Grilled Seitan in white wine sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. It was tasty. I thought the potatoes could have had a tad more garlic, but Sarah liked them just the way they were presented.

If the Seitan Piccata was good, the Phyllo Purse was amazing. It honestly melted in my mouth. The first bite reminded me of warm, cozy Thanksgiving dinner. Sarah delighted in every bite and the presentation was fantastic.

DESSERT: I wanted chocolate, however they were out of their chocolate desserts that night. Which I don’t think happens very often because the owner of the restaurant came to the table next to ours with a personal apology.

So we could have skipped dessert. Or we could just look for the next dessert that caught our eye.

Which is exactly what we did. The table to my left was having the Coconut Crème Pie. I asked the women how she liked and she replied, “It was good.” After I told her my desire for chocolate she said “If you ever make it back, try the death-by-chocolate cake, it’s amazing!”

Sarah and I decided on the Rustic pear fruit galette served with vanilla ice cream. The crust was a little thick but was warm and split open to reveal delectable warm pears. Overall, fabulous dessert choice. Not too overbearing, not too faint-hearted.

Sarah with her purse.
Seitan Piccatta

Coffee time.

MY Logistics
Rating: 5 of 5
True Bistro is located in Somerville, MA on 1153 Broadway. It looked like there was only street parking, which wasn’t a problem, even through the massive amounts of snow flooding the streets.

The budget is for mid to high priced dinner fare. Entrées were between $13-$18 dollars. Salads were in the $6-$9 dollar range. I personally was pleased with the amount of food and drink Sarah and I got for $72 ( To recap: A glass of wine, mini bottle of champagne for one (I couldn’t help myself), bread rolls, ravioli, phyllo purse, seitan piccata, 2 decaf coffees with soy, and a pear dessert).

I will definitely try to make it to True Bistro again when I’m back in Boston. This is the type of restaurant I wish we had more of in Portland, Maine. Where I could bring work people who are open to trying vegan food or parents of boyfriends that are a little unsure what do with you when their son tells them “She’s a vegan.” "But what does she eat…"The food is good and the people are sweet.

Sarah trying to make me do a "serious" or "artsy" photo.
My shoulders were shaking from laughing. Whoops. 



  1. Obviously I love this post. Let's go again soon!

  2. I just want to say that I read on their site "reservations for parties over 6" - so get a bunch of your friends together!

  3. Lots of great information and the pictures are awesome. Was the ice cream vegan? Just curious.

  4. i'm eating here tonight for my birthday! I hope they're not out of chocolate cake tonight. . . Thanks for all the informative photos! The phyllo purse looks sooo good.