Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My 2010 Favorite: Let's Appreciate the Women

Looking back on the past year, because although I didn’t actually start the blog until October, I’ve been plotting, planning, and designating posts the whole year through. I am actually notorious for keeping journals. In fact, I still have my first journal started in 1993 which began all of the entries with “Dear Dairy.” (Ironic, I know…)

My favorite Vegan Corporate Life post of 2010 would have to be my poem Let’s Appreciate the Women. I write about women in the workplace, down stark hallways and office gear – nose stuck to a spreadsheet, ear to a cordless headset. I talk about the professional mother or sister or friend. But the real reason I love that poem is that I think that as a gender, women have something very special to offer. They have strength and intelligence, fashion and fame. They can be strategic, but provide the warmth of a home. (Does making a home not call for strategy?) They carry traditions and thoughtfulness and the gift of talking… sometimes forever.

Women have a future that should not be overlooked and a past that should not be forgotten. And so for that reason, Let’s Appreciate the Women is my favorite post of 2010.

Below are some other tid-bits of inspiration, movies and lists regarding women of the World.


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