Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking Out for the Little Ones

I know that you’re busy and I know that you may or may not have kids. But here’s the truth – one simple fact. The little ones in your life are the future.

They will take the roots that we’ve planted and watch them grow.

So while spreadsheets and computer screens and deadlines and holiday shopping and getting your nails done are all important tasks. Listening to the little ones, helping them with homework, letting them stay up too late while babysitting, going the extra mile to watch a basketball game, or a dance recital, or create funny monsters while finger painting - is honestly just more important.

There is a time and place for work. And there is a time and place for restoring the confidence in our kids. Helping them make better decisions, healthier decision, explaining vocabulary and modeling our “please” and “thank yous.”

Showing them what it’s like to be gracious.
Showing them it’s OK for them to be them.

Now for those of that live for your kids this may be a reinforcement of acknowledging that what you do from day to day will materialize. You will wake up one morning, look at your son and think “Wow, he’s a model citizen and I helped him get there.” or your daughter and think “She’s amazing and smart. How is she mine?”

But for the rest of us – for the aunts and the uncles of the world, the godparents, cousins, grandparents and the friends, let us take the time (or make the time) to look out for the little ones in our lives.

We too are accountable for their pending success and I promise you they will remember when you took that afternoon to toss a softball or perhaps even build a sand turtle on a beach.

They will be to looking to you with their eyes wide open, so let us practice what we preach and look out for little ones.


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