Monday, November 8, 2010


We all have an opinion about veganism and how friggin’ awesome it is to be a vegan. I mean, if we could use the word vegan in every part of our vegan speech to show people how darn vegan excited we get about being vegan, this world be a wonderful (vegan) place.

I can assure you your meat-eating office mates do not reciprocate your enthusiasm.

Now, you’ve probably realized this during a visit to the microwave room at lunch time when a co-worker, who was heating up her latest beef ravioli with cheese frozen cuisine, is staring at you blank-faced after her question, “So, uh.. what did you do this weekend?” spawned a 15-minute ramble about a documentary you saw entitled Save the Baby Cows from Being Microwaveable Food.

Her response: “That’s nice.”

So you understand that people have different views, sort of. But why can’t people agree that slaughtering innocent animals for food is AN ETHICAL DILEMMA?! What is wrong with these people?! Don't they the know the suffering and misery those poor animals go through?

And that’s when it happens…The vega-tude kicks in.

Yep, I said it. Vega-tude (pronounced like attitude, but with a veeg at the beginning) – a mix between bitter self-righteousness and misunderstanding. 

The point where judgment creeps into your normally peaceful demeanor and you start wishing you kept a copy of that documentary at your desk because you would find the nearest conference room with a VERY LARGE TV SCREEN and you would show your co-worker why she needs to put down her fork!

The truth is, her lunch is her decision.

While it’s perfectly valid for you speak about the film, you may want to spare her the gory details unless she asks for more. I’m not saying be mute. I’m not saying doubt your choice to be vegan or question your ability to speak about the issues. I’m recognizing that there’s a respect for quietly confident people. 

When you have the ability to read the tolerance level of your fellow employees you open up doors for relationship building. Your co-worker may not bring 100% animal free lunches, but she might know everything about a project you’re working on.

So think before you speak.

Attitude, meatitude or vega-tude - negativity is not the answer.  


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