Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful for a Friend: Images of Ali

Ali is not a vegan - heck she's not even a vegetarian. She likes a good burger every now and again. But I will tell you that Ali has been one of the most eloquent and supportive people in my quest to become a vegan. She does not judge. She does not degrade. She does not question with negative intention. She is open to every and any vegan option, as we do sometimes grab dinner to catch up and realize that everything we've ordered is vegan from start to finish.

In honor of Thanksgiving I want to thank my friend and co-worker Ali. Thank you for always lending a listening ear, a thoughtful response and cracking jokes as we float down the halls at lunchtime

* * *

Here are some additional reasons why I appreciate Ali.

1. She gets it.
She knows when to laugh, when to leave me alone and when we need to catch up. 

"Yes, tell him he can come to dinner but we'll be talking about him."

2. She is an intrepid soul. 
There may have been a few times when we've looked each other laughing hysterically saying, 

"Do you think we're a little over dressed for Portland on a Tuesday night?"
"Oh well - who cares?"

3. Laughing is normal and usually constant.
If laughing makes you last, Ali and I will be laughing in the corner of El Rayo, margaritas in hand, for the next 80 years. Come visit us - we'll be ones being a little bit too loud with our chips & salsa.

4. She appreciates the little things.
The two us work hard at what we do. Ali definitely appreciates what she's been given and what she's made for herself.

5. She has the spirit of a child.
Surprisingly she never thinks my ideas are ridiculous. When I say, "Maybe you should rake in heels - that would be hilarious!!" Her response is, "Yes, let's do it!" 

We've gotten ourselves into mounds of fortuitous adventures just by sharing the light-hearted spirit of a child.

I hope you have a friend that brings out the best in you, like Ali brings out the best in me.



  1. I LOVE this post Danie and Ali looks absolutely stunning!

    Your Sprinkles Friend
    aka Sarah

  2. Haha - Thanks! I know we had so much fun. She does looks stunning! :-) Miss you & Happy Thanksgiving!