Thursday, November 11, 2010

Power with Physical Intelligence

There is undeniable power with physical intelligence.
A stark reality that does not hit us until we are
Staring at it straight in the face.

Jab, jab, jab cross.
Jab, jab, jab cross.
Jab, jab, jab cross.

Fists of pounding that draw you near
Fists that could silence you with a single contact.
Keep looking, can’t stop
Not fully understanding the punch
Or the man behind the punch
Or even the heart behind the man that leads him to tape his hands and enter the ring.

So you stand and you stare
And pretend that you’re not a 5’2” white girl with an 
NBC intern badge.
Trying to comprehend the rhythmic talent 
In which one could posses such precision.

Eloquence which leaves you hypnotized and infatuated.

To see the muscles of men move at the speed of a freight train,
Only to weave past a barrier of bodies
And block checks
And road blocks
Or thrown to the ground with grace.

Humanity has always been fascinated 
By the best of the physical best.
To the soldiers and the warriors,
To the ball players and ballerinas.
We’ve built a market of dreams,
A market that sells.

We’ve molded the market.

Sell tickets
Sell jerseys
Sell protein bars
Sell higher education
Sell athletes
Sell sneakers
Sell sponsorships
Sell ad space
Sell arenas, and fields, and ball parks
Sell out

The fittest trying to survive are granted their spot in the hierarchy.
Defining their taxonomic rank.
Embraced by the light with open arms and detailed workouts.
Only to find that there may be whispers in the shadows.
And a light that once blesses with hope and magazine spreads
Now bares teeth,
Cutting at the knees.
Leaving them despondent
Only to  dance in the dark by a dugout.
Only to dance in silence.

Or alternatively a motivation.
Aim to move faster, stronger.
Determined to crawl or flood into the light once again.
For themselves, or their fans,
Or their family and their pride

Muscles remember movement - the stretch.
The divide and conquer that comes with being elite.
Do not fool yourself, trick yourself 
Into thinking the values of society look past the physical.

It is a code that has been written in the hands of time
The survival of the physically fit,
The fittest of fit.

We cast them above others in an inaudible sky
We cast them with greatest hopes that they 
Might surprise us with their shine.
Though the systems and structures are focused on the bottom line,
Truth be told: The human body is an element like no other.
Truth be told: There is power with physical intelligence.


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