Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh WaterCourse! How You Made Denver Delightful: Part 2

Friday night arrives. The conference doors are locked. The reticent and rambunctious participants have packed their luggage, tickets in hand and departed for home.

But I was not leaving, not just yet. My flight was scheduled for noon on Saturday and I was tired and hungry. Via online reviews, a savvy sales consultant recommendation (Thanks Jenette!), and a taste test of some quality desserts (see Part 1)… I set out to the only logical place in downtown Denver: WaterCourse Foods.

I found one empty seat at the bar, however this was hardly bar fare (haha. I crack myself up…)

And this is what I found:
1. The atmosphere was “chill” and comfortable.
2. I ordered the egg rolls for an appetizer and they were delicious.
2. I ordered the tacos, no cheese, for my entree and they were delicious.

You want more details… OK, fine! 

Here is my first 180 VCL Restaurant Review.
Please note: Next time I will be taking many, many more photos.

WaterCourse Foods
Denver, Colorado

MY Experience 
Rating: 4.5 of 5
I was greeted right away with a smile. My waitress Brielle was a sweetheart and helped me select the best items on the menu. I took her advice from start to finish and was happy with every bite. The space is dim, comfortable and relaxing - even for a party of 1. They have outdoor and indoor seating, high-tops, smaller tables, and the noise level was perfect for conversation. I was greeted with a smile, made friends at the bar, and left with a “Thanks, have a great night.”

MY Food
Rating: 5 of 5
Unfortunately they were out of the Portuguese wine that I wanted to try, but Brielle suggested another fruity white wine that sufficed. 

APPETIZERS: The Sweet Chili Egg-Rolls were scrumptious – the sauce was probably my favorite part of the whole meal. Tangy- not too tangy. Strong – not too strong. Delicious. They had tofu, portobello mushrooms, carrots and more!

ENTRÉE: The Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos, minus the cheese, had a great mixture of flavor between the slaw, black beans and sweet potato bites. I always enjoy the added salsa and guacamole to any dish. I should have ordered a side of vegan sour cream but forgot to ask.

DESSERT: I skipped dessert because I had been taste testing treats for three days straight Although, I almost did convince myself that a Scout cookie could probably make it back to Maine.

MY Logistics
Rating: 4.5 of 5
The price was good for a fabulous glass of wine, appetizer delight and entree of goodness. I will say that I was bummed they didn't have delivery at first, since I had to navigate from my hotel room after being at a conference for three days and blatantly exhausted. 

The location is easy to find. Since I had to take a cab from the hotel I didn't deal with parking, but it looked like there were a decent amount of available spots on the street. Brielle even gave me the Denver cab number (1-303-333-3333) to call for a ride back.

Or I would say "Exceeds Expectations"
At the end of the meal, I left the sultry smells of the kitchen to step into the fresh Denver air and couldn’t believe I almost settled for a salad per room service.


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