Tuesday, November 30, 2010

News Tracker: Forks Over Knives

You never know when someone will send you an e-mail about something interesting and important. This was sent to me from a VP at my company that works in Tennessee, who is not a vegan, but who knew I was a vegan. It was a single FYI e-mail that should really constitute as an announcement. So I’m posting it.

A new documentary film.

Now, before you’re all like. 

“Wait – is this film going to find me in my seat and expose my love of like chicken nuggets? Are people screaming through blow horns and holding signs that say “Long Live Veggies.” Have they developed 3-D technology where if you’re in the audience and not a vegan, the screen starts throwing broccoli at you?! I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go!”

Stop. Breathe.

I can assure you. No. You will not have broccoli thrown at you. I’m not sure about the veggie signs, since that would actually be pretty awesome. But honestly, you will most likely be asked to sit, observe, think, and participate if appropriate.

Unfortunately I’ll need to wait until February to see the film because my schedule is pretty packed and viewings are limited. But I encourage you to go.

To calm any non-veggie fears. Here’s a brief assumption on what type of person might be interested in seeing this film. If you self-identify with one or all of these statements, then I think a viewing would be worthwhile.

This film is for a person that:
  • Can entertain the idea that there is a possibility to change their lives just but by changing their diet.
  • Needs motivation to put down their knife
  • Wants to see our kids grow healthy and strong
  • Can think independently when it comes to food
  • Is interested in the medical patterns of humanity
  • Wants to see a shift in the way our food structures could work
Official Website: www.forksoverknives.com/

Happy Viewing! 


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