Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let’s Appreciate the Women

A poem I wrote for your mothers, your sisters, your wives, your friends, your mentors and you.

Let’s appreciate the strong women in our lives.

Every type of strong – not just physical I could carry you and half the company on my back strong.
But smart strong.
Strategic strong.
Women that work long hours, and days, and travel, and flee from their desks to catch the school bus strong.

The ladies that walk with determination down a hallway strong.
Only to meet a deadline and see the sun disappear behind the   
4-story building behind them.

Street strong. 
Sweet strong.
Understand politics and volunteer for their community strong.

The women that will buoy you up when your wings will not work.
Not function.
Cannot stare at a computer screen one more second.
Seem to flounder.
And then with a gust of direction,
Your feet have left the ground strong.

Let’s appreciate the strong women in our lives.

The “I can iron your shirt and make a lunch in 20 minutes” strong.
The strong smile they keep on their faces to hide failed marriages,
Or fallen hopes, or bad hair days.

Women that swiftly change from their heels to their cleats
To coach soccer teams,
Or swimming lessons,
Or simply just be.

Let’s appreciate the strong women in our lives.

Women that marry off their daughters and 
Teach their sons to open doors.
Who answer to CEOs, CMOs, Teachers, You and I.
Women who can mesmerize with the movement of their hips.

Women that I’ve seen work hours, days, lay people off, pick people up and bestow confidence in those they manage.

Let’s appreciate the women.

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