Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beer App & Beershadowing

True Story: Me, two co-workers, and our media planner decide to go to grab a drink after a meeting discussing 2011 advertising plans. Everyone has ordered and I arrive late.

Server to me: Would you like a drink?
Me: What do you have on tap?
Server says list containing no recognizable vegan options.
Me: OK, I just need to look at the menu.
Server: (Gives me a look) OK. 

I take out my handy iPhone and start up "Is your beer vegan?" App. Review my options. 

Server: (Returns to the table) Ready?
Me: Yep, I'll have a Long Trail. 

Beer served. Problem solved. Thank you vegan app. 

This may be a "beershadowing" of tomorrow's post… 


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