Saturday, November 6, 2010

180 VCL Restaurant Reviews

Traditionally, 360 ratings are designed to give professional feedback from every angle. For example, an employee might receive feedback from their manager, their peers, their direct reports, etc. to gain insights on what they are doing well and areas for improvement. 

While this restaurant review structure is not exactly the same as something that would be found in a corporate environment - because I don't have the time to interview the chefs, vendors, wait staff, and owners! My 180 VCL Restaurant Reviews will try to take the most important details into account. Details that matter to YOU. Mostly, what you see happening in the front of the house.

And here are the categories…

1. MY Experience
Details: Service, Atmosphere and General Happiness Factor
Sample Questions: Does the experience fit with the theme of the restaurant? Do they mind custom orders? Does the wait staff look happy, interact with professionalism, and treat guests like they're important? What's the music like? Should I ask for a table by the kitchen because it's way too cold in here?

2. MY Food
Details: Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, Drinks, Snacks and Shakes
Sample Questions: How many vegan options to they have? What type of spices do they use? Would I order this again? Am I full? Am I too full because the food was that tasty? Does the food look appetizing when served?

3. MY Logistics
Details: Price, Accessibility and Ordering Options
Sample Questions: What type of budget can afford this? What's the best way to get there? Can I find the sign for the restaurant or am I wandering around in a back alley somewhere? Do they deliver? Is their website working?

I reserve the right to add an "Extra" category when needed - for odd and interesting cases.

Each category will get the following ranking based off the details in that category:
(1) OK
(2) Good
(3) Great
(4) Awesome
(5) Exceeds Expectations

Again, this method is not an exact science, but does gives you a guideline as to what I'm looking for in a restaurant. 


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