Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VAY-gun, Vegan, Vee- GUN? What?

“No, we don’t eat fish,
No, we don’t eat cheese,
Cuz we only eat stuff
From plants and trees.”

-Mary F., 
Manager, Corporate Communications

Thank you Mary. I think this tidbit has been the most positive external contribution to My Vegan Corporate Life thus far.

And for all of you that can’t keep producing rhymes about what a vegan actually is, because maybe you don’t know, or maybe you lack in lyrical capability. Here is a tiny poem just for you.  

(I understand this ridiculous, but at least it’s fun.)

What is a Vegan?

Let’s start with inflection, the intonation of the word
Vegan is actually a noun, but can sound more like a verb.

Pronounce it like  “see” but change the “s” to a “v”
Then add a “gyn” or “gun” to end the word harmoniously.

If “vegetarian” is familiar to you, you have most your peers beat,
Because you understand the concept of a diet without meat.

Add the meat free concept and a sprinkle of humane ideals
And you get one vivacious veggie full, no-animal-product meal.

And if you remember anything about vegans I recommend this point to thee, That they consciously make the effort to live and eat animal free.

In their products, in their food, in the attire that they wear,
It’s aimed to be a peaceful lifestyle right down to each last hair.

Now is it best to choose this way of living? Maybe no, maybe yes.
You should make the judgment for yourself to decide what personally works best.

So I have begun to make my choices with these peaceful ideals in mind. It’s still a process, but I like it, life has never been so kind.


PS - For a more "sophisticated" write-up on what a vegan is, just type “vegan” into the nearest search engine and you’ll find a multitude of insightful, maybe not so entertaining, descriptions.

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